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Something isn't right....

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  • Prism


    Thanks for taking the time to write. It looks like you do a lot of good for a lot of guys!

    I went back and saw my Doc yesterday. He and the radiologist say my testicals look OK. I've got a 4mm cyst and I've also got swollen tubes on both testicals-something called epiditimysis not sure how it's spelled.

    The doc says about the only thing I can do is take anti inflamitory pills for the swelling and release the pressure as much as possilbe Doctors orders honey!

    I'm still concerned though as I've got a lot of abdominal pain. I'll give it a week or two and if it's not better I think I may go see a urologist.

    Thanks again for your help! Paul

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  • Scott
    Your doctor will know better, but some of those symptoms may be caused by kidney stones or pancreatitis. The ultrasound will tell whether the testicular lump is cause for concern.

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  • Prism
    started a topic Something isn't right....

    Something isn't right....

    I just found this forum today, and it's nice to see there are others out there with similar questions.

    I'm 31 and in fair shape. For the last few months I just haven't felt quite right. I've always had back pains and I guess I've just attirbuted these new pains to my lower back problems.

    I've recently had some new pains in my lower abdomen, it honestly feels like I have ovaries-atleast that's what I tell my wife The area around my belly button is also very tender to the touch. Sometimes it feels like there is something wrong in my intestines. My testicals have also started to ache and last week I found a small hard bump on my right testical.

    I saw my doctor today and also had an ultrasound. So far it sounds as if the radiologist isn't too concerned, but I'm not sure they were able to pinpoin the lump in the ultra sound. It's difficult to find even though I know where to feel.

    I'm supposed to get some more news tomorrow as the ultrasound tech and radiologist need to compare notes.

    Is there anything else other than TC that could be causing these pains???

    I want to have blood tests and a CT scan done to be sure, but would like to know if any of you have had experiences suchs as this.

    Thanks! Paul