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  • dadmo
    With the lump being unchanged for a year it most likely isn't tc but get it checked again so you can relax. Call a urologist pay him/her a visit express your concerns and see if they can't schedule an ultrasound. The ultra sound will show either a solid or fluid filled lump. If it's fluid filled (which yours probably is) you don't have tc, if the lump is solid they will need to do mre testing but I don't think you need to worry about that.

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  • mwfff
    started a topic Concerned


    I found a small lump which my doctor, around a year ago, told me was nothing to worry about and was most likely a cyst. However, it is still there. It is worrying me quite a bit, the only thing that is reassuring me is that it hasn't grown or changed at all in over a year. Am I right in thinking that if it was malignant something would have changed by now? Cancer is an uncontrolled growth, yeah? So it should have gotten bigger in all that time.

    It's a small(ball bearing sized), hard lump located in the head of the epididymis on the left hand side. It's very difficult to determine whether or not it's actually part of the epididymis or part of the testicle. It seems to be independently moveable but, again, it's difficult to say if it's the lump that's moving or the testicle sliding around slightly. Squeezing it is painful. There is a very similar lump in exactly the same place on my right testicle but it is only around 1/4 of the size of the other (it's tiny). I get intermittent dull pain in both testicles (but mainly the right), which radiates into my thigh and abdomen but this comes and goes (sometimes it's daily, sometimes I only notice it maybe once a week).

    Problem is, I don't know if this has always been there as I found it during my first ever self-exam.

    I can't stop prodding, touching and squeezing it, attempting to reassure myself.
    So, after one year, something would have changed if it was malignant, am I right?