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Swollen Epididymis... roughly size of testicle

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  • Swollen Epididymis... roughly size of testicle


    The epididymises (epididymi?) on both testicles are roughly the size and nearly the consistency of the testis, themselves. Neither causes any pain at all (dull, or otherwise).

    The right epididymis is slightly larger than the left, and is not coupled with its testi in the same way (connected at one end rather than both).

    Everything I've read suggests that this is not a problem, but I was curious if any members had experiences otherwise. I'm in the UK and I would guess that the ten minutes a General Practitioner (physician) is allowed for a patient would not be enough time to suggest further diagnosis, and I dread having to push for any specialist review.

    Thanks, Jass

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    10 minutes is plenty of time to let the doctor feel around took mine about 10 seconds to figure out that testing needed to be done.
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