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  • advice appreciated

    Hi guys – great forum!

    I went for a medical on Tuesday and the doc found a lump. Was referred for an ultrasound which happened Thursday. I have to admit I wasn’t as clued up as I am now and not sure I got enough information from the doc carrying out the scan. Anyhow – I have an 8mm ‘cyst’ inside the right testicle. The doc said ‘we tend to take these more seriously when they are embedded like yours’

    So he said he will refer me to a urologist and that I will need some bloods done within the next couple of days. I didn’t know to ask if the cyst was a solid mass or liquid. From everything I have read in the last couple of days it looks likely that the surgeon will want to operate – do you think I am on the right track or am I thinking the worst?


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    Welcome, manchester. I'm not sure what the ultrasound showed, but since your doctor was concerned enough to refer you to a urologist and draw blood, it sounds as though it was a solid mass. I'd ask.
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      Thanks Scott. I have had a look at some ultrasound pics online - the mass was dark coloured on my scan, just like the ones online showing a tumour. There was also considerable thickening of the epididymus. Dunno if that makes any difference.

      Sorry if the questions seem a bit dumb - it's a bit of a preoccupation at the moment!!