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Can this be TC?

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  • Can this be TC?

    Hi everyone. First I'd like to commend all the people that take the time to answer all of these questions, it's really great of them to do that. A few days ago i noticed that my right testicle was painful and when I examined it closer I saw that my epididymis was actualy sore. I also started feeling a numb pain in the right side of my lower abdomen. From all the information I could gather this seemed to me like epididymitis but I don't have a fever, readnes or swealing of the scrotum so I was wondering could this still be TC. I also found information that TC is almost never painful an would like advice on this. I haven't noticed any unusual lumps. Oh, and I started taking Propecia recently, due to my hair loss and I don't know if that could have anythig to do whit this. I hope my enlish was not to bad. Thankful in advance.

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    STOP THE PROPECIA! Seriously. This drug is capable of doing serious damage to your body. It stop's the conversation between T to DHT and can cause full blown secondary hypogonadism, peyronies disease (bent penis), etc.

    It could also be a factor in this testicular pain. Come off this stuff and get a full hormone profile done, this is a VERY dangerous drug (just search the internet on it) to see what i mean. This should be banned for the damage it does.