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    I'm a 20-year-old student in South Korea under a scholarship program. 44kg of weight and 165cm of height. One night, while I was sleeping, I suddenly felt pain from my abdomen. The pain was fluctuating. It would pain for 4 seconds and disappear for 2 seconds. It won't let me sleep so I stayed awake for the rest of the day. I began contemplating what caused it, and thought that it may be the eggs I ate as there was a recent issue about eggs in the counry. I thought it was food poisoning so I went to the nearest Public Health Center and asked for a prescription. That same day I took the medicine and the following day the pain disappeared.

    I thought it's confirmed that it's just food poisoning but then I felt a little pain from my groin. When I walk I would feel it. The pain was around 3/10 but gets to 6/10 when touched. I tried to examine my testicles. I noticed the only painful part is the right testicle from my perspective. I examined it further by touching every part of it carefully and noticed a little lump attached on the surface of the testis itself. When I touch it stings up to 7/10 pain. The next day I noticed my epididymis became a little larger and felt another lump that is not attached to the testis. I may have not felt it the first time because I was focused on examining the painful one that is on the surface of the testis. This lump in the epididymis is not painful at all.

    I had a history of epididymis before but never experienced having a fluctuating pain before it appeared. I'm worried that I now have both TC and Epididymis. I want to have it checked as soon as possible but my scholarship stipend won't arrive until 7 days from now. And money also worries me because I'm just a student and my parents don't have money to send me too. And it's expensive to get treatment in Korea. I couldn't sleep well because of this.

    As I researched more about my symptoms online two more possible events may have caused me this:

    1. Lifting weights. It is know that liftin weights without urinating first can cause the urine to be pushed to places that it should not be at. And I do that sometimes. I also don't breathe properly when lifting so the pressure comes from my lower abdomen that can push my organs downwards. I fear that an infection have occurred due to my urine.

    2. Sex. I had sex with a stranger three weeks ago. We had it safely with the use of condoms. I just don't know how safe it was to get oral sex without condoms.

    Should I be worried? What should I do now? Do I need ultrasound? Please help me I'm just a student and far my home. This is killing me mentally and I need to be better as the Fall Semester starts this September 1.

    Here's a timeline of what happened to me so far:

    Aug 24, 4:00 - Pain on the lower abdomen
    - Pain level 7/10, fluctuating
    - Thought it's because of food
    Aug 24, 6:00 - nausea, vomiting
    Aug 24, 14:00 - Went to Public Health Center
    - Bought Medicine
    Aug 25, 8:00 - Pain disappeared
    Aug 25, 12:00 - 3/10 Pain felt from groin part
    Aug 25, 11:00 - Small lump felt from right testis,
    low part, attached to it
    - 5/10 Painful when touched
    Aug 26, 5:40 - Lump felt on epididymis, no pain
    Aug 26 10:40 - Epididymis felt larger
    - Trouble in walking
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    Hi Dylan, I would suggest to go and see a doctor as soon as you can. If you have to wait 7 days, this probably won't make a huge difference. From what I heard about TC it doesn't sound like it, but you need to see a doctor to find out. Good luck.