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  • Help me please!!!

    i am 14 years old and i am worried at the fact that i might have Testicular cancer. You see i have one testicle that hasn't fully descended. I read that persons with an undescended testicle are at more risk of getting Testicular cancer than people with fully descended testicles. I am also suffering from pain that won't go away in my left testicle and aching in the lower part of my abdomen right above the testicle. This started about 4 or 5 days ago. Because of this i have done research on Testicular Cancer and i am worried about the fact that i found the pains i have been suffering to be one of the other less common symtoms of Testicular Cancer.
    I haven't had sex yet, so it can't be a STD.

    Do i have Testicular Cancer?!
    And if i do what do i do?
    i am a ashamed of taking my clothes in public but with a risk like this hanging over my head, i will make an exception.

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    With the testicle undecended it would be difficult to do a proper exam if it but here's the link on how to do a self exam. All I can recommend is to have your parents arrange for you see a urologist. They must know that you have an undecended testicle, simply tell them that you have some pain in it. As far as taking your clothes off in public save that for the caribbean but for the doctor to check you you will need the pants off and that will be private.
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