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No lumps, still possible?

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  • No lumps, still possible?

    Hey all just found this forum.... Im in a bad situation right now and really need some thoughts to help me out...

    Im 20 years old, No insurance, I just changed jobs and my new insurance doesnt kick in for 5 and a half months... 5 days ago I started gettin pain in my left testicle... since then the pain has gotten worse, Switching from both testicles having pain, and lower abdomen pain , and sometimes back pain on the right side although Im not sure if thats related or not because it doesnt happen as much as the lower stomach pain. The pain in my testicles is Constant, Not Screaming pain , but It is constantly there. Now I went to see a doctor, had my testicals checked, no lumps , urine was clean, but they want to send me To get blood tests and get a ultrasound. Now for a 20 year old kid with no insurance this is going to be real hard for me to do. I decided to think about it for a day and Ive decided to go ahead and get whatever I need checked. Is it possible to have Testicular cancer with no lumps ? Im having a hard time with this and havent even slept except about 3 hours in the past few days.

    Also is it possible to get insurance if I am diagnosed... Or is it to late.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks for any help

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    Also i am sexually active with one partner Over a 2 year time span if that makes a difference. Thanks for any help.


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      Hi, Kevin, and welcome. I suspect you'll find this is something other than testicular cancer, but it's a good idea to go through with the tests. Check this link for some resources for health insurance in your area.
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        Welcome...glad you found this site. Yes, it is possible to not feel a lump with TC. My husband had a general feeling of discomfort. Neither he, 2 GPs nor the urologist were able to feel a lump. It was picked up by ultrasound. You are being very mature and responsible by getting this checked out, especially with $ concerns. You really can't wait 5 months for the insurance to kick in. TC is highy cureable, and the earlier it's found the better off you'll be. Let the office manager know your insurance situation and maybe they can help you out somehow.

        That said, keep in mind there are loads of other things that can cause testicular pain other than TC. The ultrasound will tell that as well. Check out this site for great info about TC and other testicular conditions
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