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small flat lump, ???

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  • small flat lump, ???

    Hi folks,
    My name is Dave and Im 22.
    About 3 months ago I found a tiny lump floating around in my sack. It remained there not attached to anything for a few weeks, then 1 day I couldnt find it. About 2 days later I noticed that I now had a small flat lump on my right testicle. Its no bigger than half a grain of rice. I went to my doctor to get it checked out. It took him a while to find it as my balls were tight cos I was a bit nervous.When he found it he just said that my testicles are fine and not to worry about it. 2 months later and its still there.It hasent got any bigger, and sometimes it actually feels smaller, but it never gets any bigger than half a grain of rice, kinda flattened out on my testicle.Every couple of days I notice a very slight dull ache in my right thigh(its hardly noticibe), maybe this is just because Im so paranoid about these things. What is the little lump? Should I be worried?
    Thanks for your time,

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    It could be enlarged vein on the testicle or a calcium deposit. I would doubt cancer as the pain in the right leg is very much similar to that of a varicocele or enlarged vein would cause. Do you have any enlarged veins in your scrotum?


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      daves reply

      I dont think I have any enlarged veins, they all seem pretty normal to me. But saying that I have never really payed much attention to the veins so i wouldnt know what to look for.