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  • Impatient

    I am new here, obviously because I am concerned about tc.
    For years I have had pain in my right testicle and abdomen. I have seen 2 urologist, and 3 general practitioners. Never have they done an IVP(?) or ultrasound. About 2 years ago I went to 1 urologist on the referal of my GP, specifically to have an IVP. The urologist said with only trace hematuria, which I have had for years, and general good health, I did not need an IVP.
    Well, last week, I went to a GP again for very sporadic severe testicular pain.
    They did an ultrasound at the office that day.
    I have not heard the results, and should today, I hope.
    I did hear the ultrasound tech mention to the nurse 'calcification'. Of course I looked it up, but can't really figure it out.
    I know I just have to wait.

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    Doesnt sound like cancer so far.

    If it was cancer they would of known and you would see them act diffrently, I find that for most people who do the ultrasound, its hard for them to act all normal when there looking at a cancerous tumour through there ultrasound.

    It sounds like all you have is calcification.
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      It's quite possible to get calcium deposits on the testicle which aren't a problem in themselves. You should keep up the self exams and if you develop more deposits let your urologist know.
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