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  • Worried Wife Requiring Advice

    Hi everyone,

    I was hoping that someone can please give me advice, I have been searching on the internet all day and I now feel like an overanxious wife. My husband story goes back to the middle of November when he started feeling a ‘heaviness’ in his left testicle, he said it didn’t feel right. He also mentioned that it was bit tender when going to the toilet, mainly to urinate. After a few weeks of nagging he made an appointment to see his G.P. After an inspection the doctor felt that his left testicle was larger than his right and was a ‘bit’ concerned and he should be referred to hospital for an Ultrasound, which was Friday past.

    My husband came out of the Ultrasound looking a bit upset and when I asked if he was ok, he brushed it off and said he was fine. When I questioned what happened, he explained that the radiologist would send the results to his G.P and this would take up to 1 week (bit of a long time to wait or is this normal in Scotland). When I continued to probe further he explained that the radiologist said that as ‘far as she could see there is nothing to worry about too much’. Am I being paranoid and reading too much into his/her words. I don’t know.

    However, a few things have concerned me, one is my husband mentioned in the car home that when he has being going to the toilet for a poo there is an uncomfortable amount of pressure on both his scrotum and pelvis? And number two, we have been trying for two years for a second child (first was born 6 years ago) and have been unsuccessful?

    Please can someone give me advice, thanks x

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    It's good that your husband had an ultrasound. Quite often the first symptom is that the testicle feels heavy. It's that heaviness that leads them to doing a self exam. Please let us know what the doctor says. As far as having a child it's quite common for someone with testicular cancer to have a low sperm count, that doesn't mean you can't get pregnant but it may make it a bit more difficult. If your husband should be diagnosed don't worry about him passing on anything bad, if you should be pregnant the baby will be fine.
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      This sound's alot like a varicocele to me. This can cause dilation of the veins around the testicle and also effect fertility. Heaviness in the testicle is a tell tale sign of a varicocele as it causes sluggish blood flow and in turn various other problems.

      This isn't anything to worry about unless it is effecting hormones or sperm production in which case getting it fixed using a simple proccedure is advised. Has he noticed any testicular shrinkage or enlarged veins above his testicle?

      Another common symptom is pain when going to the toilet, sometimes the intestine put's preasure on the testicular vein plexus and in turn this causes pain in the testicles.


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        Thanks for replying everyone.

        Has he noticed any testicular shrinkage or enlarged veins above his testicle?

        Megazoid i asked my husband this last night but he said no to both.

        I am getting increasingly worried about my husband, he just hasn't been the same since last week. When i tried to speak with again last night he just snapped and said that he didn't want to discuss it till he knows the result - which is really not like him. Is there anything i can do or say which will reassure him? I told him about this forum in hope that he may log on and discuss his thoughts with all of you, fingers crossed.

        Thanks again xx


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          I don't think you can do more than you're already doing, I'm afraid, except just being there for him. I think it's great you're seeking advice here and preparing for whatever might come.

          I'll keep my fingers crossed that this will all turn out to be nothing. As for the statements made by the radiologist - if it's any comfort, the radiologist who did my exam seemed very knowledgeable and spotted the tumor right away, although it was very small. I don't think she would have said what she did if she saw something disturbing.

          Keep us updated!

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            My husband spoke with his G.P Practice today and was told that it can take upto another 2 weeks for the results! Is this normal? The waiting time is becomming increasingly difficult. I asked my husband to telephone back and to speak with a Doctor and not a Recieptionist to discuss his feelings and the discomfort he is increasingly having (which we think is as na onset of the stress caused by not knowing, however he feels that he is becomming more aware of the discomfort as a result of contuningly thinking about these results). My head feels like it's going to burst argh - I don't think we can wait another 2 weeks, i just keep thinking of the old saying - no news is good news xx


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              Personally, I think making you wait another two weeks for the results is totally unacceptable. Reading the ultrasound isn't rocket science and I know that I received my results about an hour and a half after the scan, which was done at a local hospital.

              I think it's a good idea you're calling them back and asking for a doctor. I'd push for the results or at least a proper explanation as to why this is taking so long.

              Right I/O, 11/27-2003 | Nonseminoma (embryonal carcinoma, teratoma) | Surveillance

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                I agree with Rune, you should not have to wait two weeks for a radiologist to read those slides. Usually you get the results immediately. The tech who did my son's U/S told him right away that he needed to see a urologist asap. So we moved very quickly. These people are usually very good in identifying problems. The doctor can put a "rush" on them. Dianne
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                  Unfortuanately i have just checked online at the website and as we live in Scotland it does seem upto 3 weeks is the normal waiting time for ultrasound results.

                  I have had yet another mini disagreement with my husband, I asked him to push his G.P to telephone the hospital for the results but he said that he will do that on Monday - why wait. I feel now that i should maybe take a step back and concentrate my mind on something else, i feel so consummed with what if's, which is not like me, i am not a worrier by nature. My husband always tells me that if i worry then he should panic!

                  I just want to know so we can deal with it (either way) and go back to living our lives, as happy and argument free as it was a few weeks ago. xx