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Please Hlp Bumps On Testicles

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  • Please Hlp Bumps On Testicles

    hi on my largers left testicle i feel there are bumps on it like its not smooth its kinda rough or bumpy no big bumps tho on the right testicles theres no such thing help plz is this normal its alonng the sides of my testicle not in middle part PLZ REPLY

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    It sounds like it could be calcium deposits but you should have a doctor check it out.
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      thx alot man i dunno why but its always bugging me i keep hallucinating that i might have tc cancer making me paranoid. thanks dude


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        On the testicle or the skin of the scrotum? In any case, go to and learn how to do a proper exam, what is normal, and what warrants a trip to the doc.
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          i have 1 on the scrotom its white but i know this is a ctys. but these rough bumps are on the testicle like ON it . its in the corners or the testicle doesent seem to be lumps. feels like holes or maybe its tiny bumps? but its not smooth its rough like cement is this bad? please tell me thanks alot the rough thing streches from the very top left all on the sides of my left testicle to almost the bottem of left testicle not quite there but its in the very corners of my testicles like i have to slip my index finger deep in the side to feel it is this normal?


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            hey is it normal for ur testicles to change like sometimes they are solid easy to touch sometimes theyn are all mushy and all over the place. and could the roughness be possiblily the texture of my testicle?