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How does cancer grow?

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  • How does cancer grow?

    I have a ridge on the bottom of my testicle. Doesn't hurt or anything. I'm sure it isn't the epidydimis.

    I've had it for a few months. I always thought it was just a short little bump, but I've recently noticed that it's actually more like a tube. It's a lot longer that what I've thought. It stretches down one side of the testicle, down to the bottom, and then maybe back up the other side a little. I would describe it as pieces of rice layed end to end.

    When I discovered that it was longer than I thought, I was relieved. I figured it was just a vein or something, not a tumor. I've read that testicular tumors grow rather rapidly. So then my paranoid side started thinking What if it started out as just a little bump, but instead of growing so it protrudes outwards more, it grows so that it just gets longer?

    Is it possible that this is a tumor? Would a tumor elongate without growing so it protrudes off the surface anymore (which it hasn't)?

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    What you're describing sounds exactly like the epididymis. Take a look at this picture and you will see what you're feeling. Yous should also do a self exam as described here . If you have any doubts go to a urologist and get checked, if you have any question we will be glad to answer them.
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