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Back pain mixed with survivor turning solid.

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  • Back pain mixed with survivor turning solid.

    Hey again,
    Am I being way too paranoid, I had my Right IO on 10th August and now lefty has gone very firm and I’ve got a handful of other “symptoms” (though ones that could be accounted for as I’m not very fit). Do I be the hypochondriac and go to the drs or do I wait and see?! Thank you in advance.



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    If you are nervous about it, go see your doctor and see what he says. Likely do an ultrasound just to make sure. I am going through something similar now too. Went to see the doctor yesterday said he felt nothing but scheduled a ultrasound for after the new year just to be sure. We are on high alert now everything seems like an issue when it may not be. (I'm trying to bring myself to terms with that too.)


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      TC is more prevalent if you already had TC. My oncologist told me 5% chance of another TC in remaining testicle. Dr. Einhorn personally told me 1%.

      Either way, 1-5% is high enough where you should be on the lookout. So definitely go get checked out by a doc.

      Back pain may or may not be related -- likely not. A mid-back pain can be associated with metastatic disease in the retroperitoneum though (stage 2 disease) when the tumor presses against organs or nerves..
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      Age 31 - Portland, OR
      01NOV16- Pain in right testicle, palpable mass
      13NOV16- R I/O. Markers normal
      27NOV16- Stage Ia non-seminoma, 1.3cm, 100% EC, no LVI
      06DEC16 - CT scan clear
      09DEC16 - Started 1xBEP. Neutropenic at day 15; Worst part for me was bleo (allergic).
      03JAN17- Ended 1xBEP; start surveillance
      18MAR17-2nd pathology report shows 90% EC , 10% seminoma