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Should I be worried? Get second opinion?

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  • Should I be worried? Get second opinion?


    ​Let me first start by saying, I fully understand no one responding will be providing medical advice. I just want to gather some outside opinions on whether I should be concerned, and if anyone might have had any similar experiences.

    ​Before I explain recent developments, there have been some other symptoms that I've been experiencing for a while now. For about the last year I've had a real tough time with gastro symptoms, mainly very soft stool. They did a colonoscopy, normal. Was told to just use fiber supplements. They haven't helped. I've had hypothyroidism since forever, been stable for as long as I can remember. (This is where things start to get a little off) About 4 months ago, my TSH showed up as barely registering and my T4 was off the charts high. In addition my estradiol was very high. My endo said we needed to lower my synthroid dose to get my TSH/T4 back in the normal range. He also prescribed anastrazole 1mg to lower the estradiol. Few months went by, TSH/T4 back in normal range... estradiol was also back in the normal range as expected after taking the anastrazole. So he switched me from anastrazole to clomid. I do also have a very faint pain in my lower stomach. Doesn't really hurt, it's just like a background annoyance.

    ​About 3 weeks after starting the clomid, I was taking a shower and I wasn't even really doing a "self exam", I was just cleaning myself and felt something that really did not feel right. I felt closer, and felt a perfectly round, pea size lump on the top of my testicle. Went to urologist and she said she was "VERY concerned" and that I needed a US. I thought she meant later that week, but she meant in like 45 minutes. So I went and did that.

    ​The US was not a great experience for me. The tech kept asking me to show her where I felt the mass, but she had so much gel all over my parts and I was laying flat on my back. I could barely even grasp the testicle much less point anything out. She had the radiologist come in and ask me the same thing, and similarly I wasn't able to show them. The radiologist said "Well there's calcification towards the bottom, and since he can't find it, we will just say that what he felt was calcification and it moved towards the bottom." They sent me on my way.

    ​As soon as I got home, and took a shower, bam, it was there in the same exact spot. Hadn't moved anywhere. Doc had me come back in because she wanted to also do a physical exam again and see if she noted it in the same place. It was. The concern that the Doctor had (and I share) is that if they are noting calcification on the bottom of the teste, and they note NOTHING towards the top... and we very clearly are seeing it on a physical exam - did the US possibly miss something? I know this is rare, but, having a hard time reconciling how the US could not show anything at all. Blood draw was negative for any markers.

    I suspect that the clomid might have played a role in all this, since it works by stimulating Leydid cells. They had me stop the Clomid immediately, but all my other symptoms are persisting and I really don't know what to do. The game plan at this point is to wait 2 weeks, and do another US. I'm not sure how I feel about a) waiting and b) doing the same imaging again. Should I perhaps use the two weeks to see another urologist for a second opinion, get a physical exam by them and have them compare it to the US report we already have and see if they share the same concern?

    ​Thanks in advance for any insight or perspective you all may be able to impart upon me. I am somewhat apprehensive about all this, but more so ready to find out what has been responsible for all these symptoms.


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    I would ask your uro to send you to a different US facility, & make sure you show them where it is before they start with the gel.

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