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Lump in left testicle for 4 years.

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  • Lump in left testicle for 4 years.

    Hello, I have lump in left testicle since summer 2014, I never had any pain in my testicle or something. I also can feel that my veins in left testicles have some kind of lumps on them. I dont know if it is cancer or maybe varicocele. So its almost 5 years of having lump in testicle, but didnt have any problems. Can someone help here? Thanks.

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    I had a varicocele for 8 years would feel heavy when standing for a while/ working out/ running and would be fine in the morning. Had it checked all clear. Had a vasectomy then eight months later testical swelled up went back do doctor and it was cancer. To sum it up get it checked. If it feels odd get it checked again. It if feels different get it checked and so on.


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      Probably not TC, you would likely be dead by now if it was, but things change as wallz said, go to the doc & get it checked out, it is the only way to be safe.

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        Yea, I am actually looking to see doctor anytime soon. I dont feel it heavy at all when doing things and wanted to ask is it true that cancer lump is usually at side or at front of testicle? Thanks


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          I don’t know if anyone knows the answer of where it usually starts. Just go get an ultrasound and you will have all the answers you need. Very simple. Most places can do it same day.