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Going to urologist, what to expect?

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  • Going to urologist, what to expect?

    Hello all. I made an appointment with the urologist today. I haven't been to my regular doctor, I just went ahead and called the urologist directly.

    I want to have something checked out on my testicles. On the right one, I have what I would describe as a sort of hard, lump type mass on the bottom. The weird thing is that it comes and goes -- right out of the shower, or when they are 'cold' and pulled back to the body, I can't feel it at all. Sometimes, when I am just out of bed in the morning or something like that, I feel it. I wouldn't describe it as a BB/pea/corn sized bump, but reading this site it makes me think it could possibly be a cyst or variocele (sp?). I would describe it almost as sort of a hard-ish 'shell' that wraps around the bottom of my testicle. I don't know how to word it, really.

    One day it will be very noticeable and then the next I won't notice it at all. Any ideas what that might be? I can't tell if it's connected or not.

    I want to know what to expect from the urologist visit. I am already anticipating the fact that I will be too cold and thus the thing that I am feeling will not be able to be detected. So what happens then?

    I don't want to give blood because it freaks me out. Will they try to draw blood?