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15 year old, Little Worried

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  • dadmo
    If the lump isn't attached to the testicle it won't be testicular cancer. You most likely have a cyst which really isn't dangerous but should still be checked. Remember I'm not a doctor I can only give you a best guess.

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  • Yazoo
    started a topic 15 year old, Little Worried

    15 year old, Little Worried

    Hi there, a few day's ago when I was in the bath I noticed a small lump under the testicul(it's not on it) It's at the size of a BB pelit. I just wonderd if you could tell me if the lump is not on the testicul do I still have chance of Testicular Cancer. Also I have no pain at all in the penis or lower admomen. I can't really tell if the lump is under or on the top of the skin.