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Concerning lump missed on ultrasounds

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  • Concerning lump missed on ultrasounds

    Hi all, I'm hoping you can give me some educated opinions or advice on my situation...

    I am 26 y/o based in the UK.

    At the age of 12/13 I had an orchiopexy to prevent likely torsion. All went well and I recovered well too.

    About 3 years ago, I noticed a toward the back of my left testicle, just to the left of the epididymis. It isn't painful to touch, but I regularly experienced heavy feeling, groin pain etc.

    I visited the GP who recommended an ultrasound, the ultrasound came back clear, no tumours, no cysts. The GP then said it was epydidimitis, so was given anti biotics. The pains eventually subsided but lump remained.

    The following year, the pain was back. Lump still there, and this has happened a couple of times since. I've had another ultrasound about 18 months ago and again was told nothing sinister, and that it's likely a 'scrotal pearl'. Why didn't they pick that up the first time?

    I write to you today once again concerned, with the greater awareness of TC generally I was checking again last night, the lump is still very much there and I'm wondering what the hell to do now since GP/ultrasound has come back clear twice.

    My questions are:

    Is it likely a cancerous tumour would last this long and not cause me any other issues?

    Is it likely a cancerous tumour would be missed twice by ultrasound? My concern here is that it is so close to the epydidmis (but not directly part of it) that it gets missed or misdiagnosed as a result.

    Thank you in advance

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    Hi. Doctors miss stuff and can't feel tumors with their bare hands either sometimes. I think TC is even missed on MRIs from what i've read, that is why surveillance requires CT scans. Usually they remove the testicle if there is a doubt, they can't partially remove it because it can spread the cancer i(if the cancer was present) and with 1 testicle, you will still be able to bare children and produce your own testosterone.

    There is a website that says that sometimes doctors in the UK go 20 years without seeing a single case of testicular cancer. However it does happen, so I recommend you see one of these expert specialists i've found on another website because not all doctors are the same when it comes to TC.


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      I think that it would be unusual if it was cancerous to have not developed further or created other issues after all this time. With that said, if you continue to have symptoms, then there is nothing wrong with going back in and having additional ultrasounds. There should be a cause and a resolution to the symptoms.

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        Probably not TC, but definitely you have a problem, if your doc isnot trying to find &; fix the problem, its time to find a new doc. JMHO
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