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    Hi. I'm 16 and i recently went to the doctors to have something checked on my left testicle. I was doing a self exam and i found this little bump on the top at the back of my left testicle. It was small like the size of a bb if not less. It also felt like i had a similar one on my right one. I went to the doctor and had it checked but all he did was a manual exam. He said what I was feeling was the epididymis and that I didn't have any like cancerous lumps. But I'm still worried because it's not a tube like thing its more like a little bump. Could it just be the like end part of it that I'm feeling? Or should I have it checked further?
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    The chances are the doctor is correct in his diagnosis, so you should relax a bit. Now, if you are unsure about what you were told or it's keeping you up at night get checked again. Have your folks make an appoiontment for you with a urologist that the expert in that field. If he thinks anything is wrong he will send you for more tests. It's really important that you're satisfied with the diagnosis.
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