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Do I have it? sore testes

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  • Do I have it? sore testes

    A few weeks ago I started getting these throbbing pains in my testicles, radiating from right to left. They came and went. Then a few days after I started to get them, I had these sharp needling pains in my lower abdomen on the left side and the testicle pain went away.

    I immediately saw a doctor and explained my situation and she got me to do a urine test for infection. She thought it might be a bladder infection and gave me norfloxacin which I took for six days. This seemed to take the needling pains away, but I can't say for sure. Then the results came back negative, no infection. The testicle soreness came back, same sort of thing, coming and going.

    I saw the doctor again and did another urine test which came back negative again.My testicles don't hurt when you touch them; there are no lumps, no signs of swelling. So the doc suggested I got for an ultrasound which I am going to in a couple of days time, but in the meantime I've just been really worried sick about it. Reading up on it on what it might be on the internet doesn't help either.

    Just wondering if anyone has any idea about these symptoms? They don't throb constantly, but its not comfortable . And occasionally the lower abdominal pain comes and goes but not in the same needling sharp pain as before.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    The ultrasound is the right thing to have done as to what it might be I don't know with no lumps or bumps it doesn't sound like tc. I don't want you to panic but occasionally we do have someone where the whole tumor is hidden inside the testicle. If that's what you have an ultrasound will show it.
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      thanks for your replies.

      i don't know if i'll get any sleep tonight! i haven't been this wrecked by anxiety since my dad was diagnosed with cancer of the oesaphagus a couple months ago- so it would be really terrible if I got something as well.


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        i went to the radiologist for an ultrasound today and they found nothing out of the ordinary about my testes - no mass, lump, inflammation - which is a huge relief. But the mystery now remains, what is causing the pain?


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          There are several possibilities described in this article, including referred pain from kidney stones.
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