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feeling a dull ache, worried

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  • johnseed
    to the doctor

    Hi Tyler,

    A definite yes on visiting the doctor.

    There is no reason to hestitate or be embarassed about going, so do it today.
    I have learned since dealing with testicular cancer myself that a lot of men, especially young men really are hestitant to visit the doctor, and this is a big problem.

    If you do have cancer, you want treatment right away. If you don't you may need treatment for something else, plus you will get peace of mind from knowing what you are actually dealing with.

    When you find out what the problem is, post it here so we can all know.


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  • tyler 20
    started a topic feeling a dull ache, worried

    feeling a dull ache, worried

    I have felt a dull ache in my right testis/upper right side of the groin that comes an goes for say 6 or 7 months. I have ignored it so far because it dosen't come so often and it dosen't hurt so much, but now I started to worry. I examined myself and noticed that my right testis is a lot more sensitive to pressure and hurts even when the slightest amount it is applied.
    Often I feel a discomfort (always in the right testis) when sitting or lying on my stomach, if there is a slight pressure on it. I couldn't find any lumps or anything like that. I haven't had a kick or blow in the groin/testis.
    What might be the problem? Should I go see a doctor?
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