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Lump like a rosary

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  • Lump like a rosary

    Hi guys, i had this small cyst or lump that’s like a rosary one small pea on top of another on top of my right testis. I have this since i was like 12 yrs old. Now, thru time it also grew and now my right testis is hanging lower than my left testicle and i dont think its bigger than my left but i think its heavier. Is it possible that this is tc? As i examine my right testis it feels like it has veins or something that is swollen. My lower back now is aching. I dont know if its cancer or am i just stressing. Pls help

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    Hi Navi,
    Sorry you are going through this!
    There is a lot of info in your post- some things are pretty normal and could be unrelated to TC like hanging lower and veins while something swollen or an increase in size of a lump could be something more serious.

    Regardless and this is most likely obvious but the only way to know for sure is to see a doctor and get an ultrasound... that is the only way to cross it out definitely and be able to move on about it, regardless of the result!

    So if something feels weird just book that appointment so you can move on!