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Still worried after all these months....

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  • Still worried after all these months....


    First of all Í must mention that I've a spinal cord injury, which has influence on the bladder and all. Second I've to say I'm from Europe, so please forgive me faults in English grammar.

    I posted some messages on this forum in April 2006, but my problem and worries still exists...

    In April I noticed my left testicle was swollen. My general practioner ordered an ultrasound. After this I was diagnosed with orchitis (a severe inflammation of the testicle) and took antibiotics for two weeks. This was caused by an urinary tract infection.

    After that my GP said I could stop with the antibiotics, but unfortunately he forgot to check my urine. Some weeks after that the swelling was even bigger. Because the UTI didn't clear up, I was back on antibiotics for another 6 weeks.

    However, after that the swelling was still present, so my GP sent me to my urologist, an expierenced doctor/surgeon, who's head of the clinic.
    He assured me several times that I had no testicular cancer. It was quite clear I had orchitis, he said, and it could take some time for the swelling to resolve.

    In October the swelling was still present. My urologist ordered another ultrasound and bloodstests. After looking at the ultrasound, he decided again that it was orchitis and NO testicular cancer. The bloodtests were all normal.

    At this time, the swelling is still there, although I have no other symptoms. In March I'll go to the hospital for ultrasound #3.

    As I'm quite hypochondric, I'm still worried that they'll discover testicular cancer, although my GP and urologist assured me several times this isn't the case.

    My question: do you have information about late occurences/discovery of testicular cancer? And are 2 ultrasounds and normal bloodtests completely reliable? What's your general opinion? I'm sorry, this message is so long, but I'm dealing with this now for months....

    I thought about a second opinion, but my urologist really is experienced, so probably he hass the best opinion of them all.

    Any advice is welcome!

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    The 2 US and bloodwork being normal should put you at complete ease. Are they culturing your urine to prescribe the appropraite antibiotic? I assume so if you have a good urologist. Are you taking your antibiotics without skipping any doses for the full course? I wouldn't worry about TC, but would aggressively go after the UTI.
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      My urologist just called and adviced to check the testicle again by performing an ultrasound. This will be the third.

      My question: are there any cases known of people with a very late occurence of testicular cancer? (Even after some ultrasounds and bloodstests?)

      I'm still afraid they'll find something worse during the next ultrasound, which is in 3 weeks, so I've plenty of time to worry....


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        I know you understand this but everyone needs to be clear on this. A clear ultrasound and good bloodwork only means that you don't have testicular cancer today. It is always possible to develop tc after the tests are completed, that's why it's important to continue the monthly self exams.
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