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Hydrocele for real?

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  • Hydrocele for real?


    I read that your testicular cancer was misdiagnosed initially? As a hydrocele? I was diagnosed with a hydrocele on my left testicle about four or more months back. I had a pain in my left testicle and they put me on antibiotics. Two runs of antibiotics. Neither worked, so I was sent in for an ultrasound. The ultrasound said I had a small hydrocele on the exterior of my left testicle but no masses inside the testicle itself. I've been having pains in the testicle off and on and am experience discomfort somewhat in my right testicle. I don't know if this is because a.) I have testicular cancer, b.) I have another hydrocele or something else on the right testicle now or c.) the left testicle's hydrocele is causing me occasional pain on the right. Most things I've read about hydroceles say they are painless, and my testicles and the cords attached to them are, definitely, in pain at times.

    I see my doctor again tomorrow...but I do not have insurance and, so, go to a general practitioner at a clinic who sets up appointments for me to get ultrasound and the like.

    When he has checked for cancer blood markers in the past, he says he has found nothing. I have spend a lot of money trying to figure out what's wrong with me...but it's worth it if it keeps me alive/healthy. I still have this nagging feeling, though, about whether or not it's cancer. I don't know if I'm just driving myself insane or if this is a valid thought process.

    So, when you were diagnosed with a hydrocele...was that before or after an ultrasound?

    Any answers or suggestions would be much appreciated.


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    Welcome, Joel.

    When I had an ultrasound, it was conclusive. I did have a reactive hydrocele, triggered by the tumor growing inside. I should have gone sooner for the ultrasound.

    It does sound as though you're having all the right tests.
    Scott, [email protected]
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      I had a clear ultrasound 2 month ago but a little bit hydrocele in my remaining one. Should i go again for another ultrasound or hydrocele can be there without tumour?

      Stage 1 seminoma in august 2001
      with invaded spermatic chord and treated with RT
      Relapse november 2005, 4 BEP and now back to surveillance


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        The hydrocele is not realated to cancer, they are two seperate problems. If the hydrocele is bothering you that can be fixed with a minor operation.
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