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    About 3 weeks ago i felt some discomfort in my Left testicle I thought I starined myself while lifting things while cleaning my basement. last week i felt a tiny lump about the size of a bb or even a little smaller. After several days I finally went to my Dr. he did not feel anything but he had me show him . He felt it and stated it was probably just a cyst but lets do an ultrasound .is it ok I go for an ultrasound without going to a urologist ? will they look for TC even though a General Practioner ordered the ultrasound . The lump is very small will the ultrasound be able to see it ? Sorry for the rambling i am just very nervous and ultrasound isn't scheduled until Monday due to waiting for HMO referral to come thru. Thanks it was this forum that prompted me to make Dr. appt.

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    Welcome Nathan,
    The ultrasound will be able to differentiate between a cyst and a solid mass. Regardsless of the doc who ordered it, it will be done, read, and the results sent to your doc. Make sure you show the technician where you fell the lump so he/she can pay more attention to that area. Start thinking/looking for a urologist who will be the best one to advise you on what to do if it is a cyst and who will take over if it is a mass. The US is quick and painless...don't worry about that. If it is a solid mass you will need bloodwork and if it is TC it is highly cureable. Try to relax (easier said than done I know) and let us know the results. A great site for info is
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