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    Hello, I'm new here and have been reading on stuff while I wait to figure out what's been going on.
    It all started alittle while back minor swelling nothing to alarming. Then about a month and half or so I've had this dull ache that comes and goes but only leaves shortly not even a hour then it's back. Thought it would go away but never did and went to the doc who said it may be Epididymitis and gave me a strong set of antibiotics. Well that did nothing and went back today for a follow up and they said that we will get you in for a ultrasound.
    The other day I noticed a hard rice like lump on my left testical aswell. My wife also stated that the left is firmer then the right and look different. Within the past 2 weeks I've been getting sharp pains on my left side that go up to my waist line. All of this is on my left side.
    Any advice on what this could be?

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    The only thing i can say is that symptoms dont equal TC.
    With that being said the ultrasound will tell you 99.9% accuracy of it being TC or not.
    Something else to think about. Not all TC cancer produces BHCG. But for giggles go buy a home pregnancy test. If it says our pregnant then you could start to think something more serious is going on.
    But dont alarm yourself until you have the U/I done then you will know if its TC or not.
    Jan 2012- U/S mass in Left testicle
    Feb 2012- I/O performed to remove cancer
    Mar 1,2012- pathology pure seminoma
    Mar 7, 2012 PET SCAN stage IIa
    April 2012 Mayo clinic carbolite.
    May 2012 carbolite failed, started BEP x3
    August 7th 2012- BEP complete
    April 2013 CT/PET show relapse
    May 2013 RPLND
    Aug 2013 Relapse again Started VIeP x2
    Dec 2013 HDC completed CT/PETSCAN 1.1 cm x .8 cm right lower lung lobe
    Feb 2014 confirmed false positive all clear FINALLY !
    Jan 2015 1 year cancer free Pet/CT scan
    Jan 2016 2 years cancer free "Pet/CT scan
    Jan 2017 3 years cancer free "Pet/CT scan
    Jab 2018 4 years cancer free "Pet/CT scan, labs, xrays


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      Yeah, hard to know what it means without the ultrasound test. I know it's stressful as heck, wondering what's going on, but it could be a lot of things.
      Try to keep an open mind about it and let the ultrasound reading tell you more about what the next steps are.

      Good luck & keep us posted!
      Painless lump 5/18/2017
      Orchidectomy June 2017 (4.5cm, rete testis involvement)
      Chemo Summer 2017 (2x7AUC carboplatin)
      No evidence of relapse since, but plenty of anxiety about it.

      I'm also an epidemiologist, and a professor at a medical school (with NO training in oncology), oh, and gay, too.


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        TC almost never causes pain. Pain from other sources does, however, frequently lead to a TC Dx that otherwise might not have happened. Get the U/S as soon as you can arrange it.It is really the only way to figure this out.
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        Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
        Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP