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    I'm sure you all get this a lot, but this is what you're here for so here it is:

    Firstly my name is Tim, I'm 16. I noticed a lump in my right testicle quite some time ago, I don't remember when I first noticed it to be honest. I really want to get it checked out, but I'm just, well, quite frankly I'm horrified to find out what it is. I wish I could must up the courage to tell my parents what it is, but my family life isn't as great as it could. My mom and I are fine with each other, but my father has been an addict of drugs for what essentially has been my whole life. He has just came home from a rehab center which costs almost 20,000 dollars. I feel like if I break this issue to them it would make things impossible in an already nearly impossible time, plus the cost aspect; although I know we have a very good health care insurance. I feel like that if I break this to them, that it would be too much to deal with for everyone, and although I know it needs to be diagnosed I just can't bring myself to take the first step.

    The issue is that I have a lump on my right testicle, it feels as if it is connected to my testicle and is painful if I were to squeeze it. I know you guys are going to say "get it checked ASAP", and I know I should do that and ultimately should have done it when I first noticed it but I am just not a type of person who is outgoing. I'm not good at discussing emotions or telling people what's wrong. I don't really know what I'm expecting by posting this, maybe just some re-assurance?

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    Hi tim


    assurance can only be given by doctors after medical tests.
    You might choose to do the doctor visit and do all tests (if you have medical insurance) without telling your family. No need to get them worry at this stage.

    I hope it will not be serious enough to worry you and the family. I know it is difficult and unpleasent to visit doctor, but you have to push yourself.

    take care


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      I'm sorry about your family problems but don't let that stop you from doing what you know is right. Your father has chosen a path that neither you or you mom can change. An addiction is a terrible thing and I won't be critical of him but doesn't your mom deserve to have at least one responsible man in her life?
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        From what you wrote about your testicle, you need to see a doctor right away. Don't worry about the costs, with good health insurence, the copays won't be so bad- and most places will work with you.
        So go to a doctor, please...
        As far as you father, it may sound strange- but I've noticed many families on this forum who have been brought closer together because of a battle with TC. If you need treatments, it just may be the thing to take your dad's addiction away from drugs and channel his energy into YOUR health and wellness.

        Please see a doctor ASAP.
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        Please see a physician for medical advice!

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          Originally posted by Tim Maz
          I really want to get it checked out, but I'm just, well, quite frankly I'm horrified to find out what it is.
          You called the situation right in your first post. That was step one.

          The agony of the unknown is often way worse than facing reality. Tell your mom that you found a lump and want to have a doctor check it out. That's step two.

          One step at a time. You can do it.
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