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causes? two mobiles(blackberry)

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  • causes? two mobiles(blackberry)

    I have a swollen testicle (solid mass) and I still can't confirm what it is. Anyway,I started think of causes, and one of the ideas that came to mind is Blackberry.
    I have been using and carraying the Blackberry device for 2 months now in addition to my personal mobile. I used to hang the blackberry on my right side and the mobile in my right/left pockets.

    It might seem crazy!

    Also, I was very strssful in the past 4 months!

    I'd now take away the idea that fish oil might be of any relation to this! Interestingly, I heard that a WESP sting might cause this! but I have not experienced any before!

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    check this out

    Other causes: Exposures to certain drugs may increase the risk of testicular cancer. Other proposed, but poorly proven, causes include decreased exercise, increased sexual activity, sitting with legs crossed (increases testicular temperature), and HIV infection. of the Testicle Causes


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      thank u

      thanks Robert

      I guess there must be something that this cancer triggers young ppl!

      Anyway, I belive that the main trigger is genetic but there might be some helping factors!


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        Did the period with anti-biotics help and what's the next cause of action?

        As for cell phones, a recent study including about 500,000 people concluded that cell phone do not cause cancer.. so I wouldn't worry about that.
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          Thank Rune for asking..sadly, the anti-biotics did not work and my US follow-up showed that it is the same.

          I did the surgery removing the right testicle yesterday...I am sad to do that! I am now waiting the results ....

          does anybody here advise me to send it to a pathologists in other countries? Is it easy to send a sample?!



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            Sorry to hear you had the get the surgery - I'll keep my fingers crossed you have been cured now. I don't know about sending the results to other countries - where are you located?

            Right I/O, 11/27-2003 | Nonseminoma (embryonal carcinoma, teratoma) | Surveillance

            Ride to Live!


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              OK. I saw the doctor yesterday and he confirmed that I had a seminoma in my right testicle as per the pathologist report. This is disappointing news for me since I hoped for the last 3 weeks to find something else!!!

              I am now confused what to do? Shall I change my lifestyle and start in a new place or just continue my life as it was before.


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                You don't have to make drastic changes in your life, though you may find that being a cancer survivor makes big changes in you.
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