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just found the lump

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  • just found the lump

    Same thing: having dull pain, finding lump, getting scared... I am going to the doc tomorrow but am feeling anxious because something is just telling me that I have it (TC). Cancer runs in my family: My Dad's side approx six deaths maybe more. Trying not be fatalistic in Halifax, Canada.

    Any one relate? Oh, and what can I expect from thge first doc visit?

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    don't be fatalistic

    because it's really quite rare to die from TC. Since they started with platinum based chemotherapy, we have a safety net with a very high rate of cure - even in late stages of TC.

    the sooner you get it checked the better of course. My first appointment, the doc thought it was nothing to worry about but sent me off for an ultrasound just in case. It's then a bit of a wild ride for a couple weeks (surgery and waiting for pathology results) but things slow down after that.

    That said, don't jump the gun because you might not have TC at all. Go see the doc and don't panic!