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Werid lumps plz answer

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  • Werid lumps plz answer

    i know i have posted before but i am still worried this is only occuring in my left testicle i try to feel it on my right but its always squishy feels like there is a bunch of fat around it can hardly feel the testicle. on my right i have a big bump on the testicle on top parallel to my penis from here it streches almost all on the sides of my left testicle on my left side some size of grains of salt some bigger feels like it is on the testicle not sure. also on the left i feel like a ledge kind of like a ditch going down and up. i read about the epidermis it kind of feels like it could this be? i am 16 is tc possible? please answer. thanks alot guys
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    I have some similar things

    I have what I call a "ridge" on my left testicle, but it's like 1/2" long going vertically down the side of the left testicle. I also have two tiny "granule" bumps, 1mm or so, in size, right near where the epi joins the testicle. I've had several docs feel me up, and they all just shake their heads and either say "tiny, don't worry about it" or "can't tell if it's even ON or just NEAR the testicle" or they don't see anything notable at all. I guess I should be GLAD that they are not rushing me in for an Ultrasound, but they seem so laid back, while I'm so scared.


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      I think the ridge your feeling is the epididymis but I'm not happy about your doctors response. I'm not saying you have tc but the stress of uncertanty is awful. I would get a second opinion from a urologist.
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        i dont know ya feel a ridge as well i think along my left testicle my left is also bigger and has werid bumps on it sometimes i feel it sometimes i dont its quite random. sometimes they are mushy sometimes firm. is this normal? i also have bumps on the left i think. also same thing sometimes i feel it sometimes i dont. its not only 1 bump its many feels like u know how a Atom looks like with the carbon and oxygen where the 2 atoms overlap easy other not that much but i feel like my testicles are made up of many of those... only on my left on my right i think i can feel it but my right is much smaller and i hardly notice. if this is normal plz tell me thanks alot