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    Hi i'm a 19 yr old male, i've been experiencing slight pains in my stomach and all around my abdominals, i thought this was just some stretch pains as they seem to happen when i sit down, and they arnt really pains just little niggly feelings, i looked online as you do and look around things and it brought me to stage II testicular cancer and having lower abdominal pains, i can't say its all in the lower abdominals but around most my stomach, so i did a self examination and i dont feel pains in my testes but did notice the epididymis and know its location but i can feel the tube but then i can feel two soft lumpish ball shapes on both my testes and in the exact same position on both, is this normal as i have read that there is a ball shaped part of the epididymis that connects the tube, is this all it is and have nothing to worry about but should see my doctor about the stomach pains or am i the unluckiest person in the world with two irregular lumps on the same position on my testes, thanks people look forward to some replies to fill me in

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    What you're feeling on your testicles is normal so I wouldn't worry about having testicular cancer. The abdominal pains should be checked by a doctor as should any unexplained pain the persists more then a week.
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      ok thanks Dadmo, thats the TC worry gone, but i'll wait a bit and see what happens with the abdominals, thanks again


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        ah ok, starting to get an aching sensation on my left epididymis/vein to my groin, this may be because i have self examined myself pretty thoroughly over the last day or so and played some table tennis which probably worsened but goin to see doctor tomorrow morning to put my mind at rest once and for all