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Symptom of TC, Liquid In Scrotum?

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  • dadmo
    Excessive fluid in the scrotum is the result of a hyrdocele not testicular cancer. Here's what webmd has to say.

    A hydrocele is a painless buildup of fluid around one or both testicles that causes the scrotum or groin area to swell. While the swelling may be unsightly or uncomfortable, it is not painful.

    Hydroceles may be present at birth (congenital) or may develop after birth (acquired). Congenital hydroceles, which occur in about 1% to 2% of male newborns, usually disappear during the first year of life. Acquired hydroceles may be caused by an injury to the groin area or the cause may be unknown. An acquired hydrocele can occur at any age but is most common in men older than 40.

    If a hydrocele stays the same size or gets smaller as the body reabsorbs the fluid, generally no treatment is needed. If the hydrocele varies in size or gets bigger and becomes uncomfortable, surgery may be needed to remove the fluid.

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  • MrM4rK
    started a topic Symptom of TC, Liquid In Scrotum?

    Symptom of TC, Liquid In Scrotum?

    Hi, just curious about one of the symptoms of TC, i dont have it but how would you know if you had a build up of excess fluid in the scrotum, the scrotum changes with temperature but would this fluid take the form of when it is sagging and loose or when tight? Odd question to ask i know but would just like to know what to look for thanks