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  • A bit worried

    Hi, Im 17, and a couple of days ago I was out running and I felt a little pain on my left testicle. I was a bit concerned and decided to feel around the area for anything unusual. Anyway, I felt a slight bump on my left testicle and it hurt to touch it at first. As I continued to touch though it didn't hurt, although it hurts now to squeeze it. It felt as if it was connected to a tube, Im just not sure if it is anything or if it is just connected to the tube.

    I have developed in puberty ( i.e, Height, weight,pubic hair, voice braking) but it seems that my testis have not descended and my penis hasn't really grown significantly, there is also a red rash on my foreskin and some tiny dots too. I have put some cream on it from a pharmacy and that seems to make the rash go. It is all a bit worrying, I have not told my parents and I am very embarrassed to visit a doctor ( although I am sure I should do). I would really like some guidance, it would me very much appreciated!!!! Cheers!!

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    I would like some advice please


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      Any pain on the testicle should be investigated by a urologist. Do a self exam as described here . If the lump feels as if it's part of the testicle it needs to be checked out quickly. Most likely it will be attached to the tubing which is fairly common and not a big health issue but it should still be examined. As for the infections that will have nothing to do with tc and it should also be checked by a doctor. That may be able to be taken care of with a phone call.
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