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    Hi, im 14 years old going 15 in march and i first found a lump just above my left testicle about 2 1/2 weeks ago in the bath, i noticed a small soft lump and thought that it was just some form of puberty, Because of this i thought that it would go in time, During the days ahead i asked my dad what it is and even my dad wasnt to sure, he started to tell me that my body is going through puberty and that its just proberly my testicals "at work" which kinda made me feel embaressed. With this that my dad told me i was sure that it was nothing and it would go away.. But it never.
    Week 2, i was in bed on my laptop and i visited a website about TC and i read somewhere that radiation can possibly harm the Private area, So now im thinking that this is from my laptop? also hoping that this will go. The lump has gotten harder and has grown in size, At times the "Cords" at the left side of my left testicle feel that there thumping,(In a swelling way), I havnt told my dad about this yet as im now extremely worried that it is TC. In the past 2 or 3 days ive been getting a pain where my Appendix should be, (My Appendix have been removed when i was 6) The pain im getting is as if metaphoricly speaking, Ive eating my tea and im full, and its trying to come out through that side of my body. (pretty funny eh?) i think this is just growing pains tho plus ive been at the gym for most of the week. My main problem is the TC Problem..


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    Relax, and talk to your dad.

    Chances are that you do not have TC, but the only real way to find out is to talk to your Dad and go to a Doctor.
    You've already spoken to your father about this, so I'm sure he will understand your concern. Go get checked out, you will feel better once you know.
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      If you're very worried, I'd have to agree: talk to your dad and get him to take you to the doctor. It's the best option and most likely, it'll make you feel a whole lot better, especially if you get an all clear.

      And might I add I'm proud of you for bringing this up with your dad? So many people choose not to bring things like this up with their parents due to embarrassment.


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        Yeah defininitly go get it checked out. I just got cleared tonight. I was convinced it was the worst possible thing, but turns out it wasnt. It has been crazy the last month but good things can happen and it feels a lot better once you know. Good luck


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          Thanks for you response, sorry i never replied back to them *dodgy internet*.

          I went to see the docter earlier and he told me that its not TC, Its my Epid___? Swelling up. said ill be fine in 2-3 months .