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never hurd about this. please help!!

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  • never hurd about this. please help!!

    okay, im 16 and a half and im really really worried.
    at first i noticed a lump on my left testicle, but i didnt tell anyone about it(aware that u should alwayz get lumps on ur body checked out by a doctor) but im too embaressed to see a doctor so i just hoped it would go away. now this is not just a lump, it its a pretty hard lump sometimes, but othertimes it feels soft and the wierd thing is that i can only find it when i an erect. when i am not erect i cant find it at all but then again when i am erect it is very easy to find. iv had this lump for about a month now and im am scared now because i have been experiencing weak ejaculations. i am extremely worried and am too embaressed to tell my parents. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE does any one know whats happening? and i would also know how serious testicular cancer is, and if i might have a chance of dying. there is no pain, and no other symptoms

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    okay, thanx alot, ill hav my aprents schedual an apointment rifght now. Butdoesn anyon eknow why i can only find it when i am erect? or why my ejaculations are weaK? r these signs of TC?


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      I can only say the same thing Rover has said. If the lump is on the testicle it needs to be checked. Do a self exam as it's described here and if you still think you have a lump on the testicle tell your parents. I have no explanation as to why an erection would effect the lump.
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        okay thanx alot for everything, im going to the doctors soemtime next week