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    Hi all
    well I had these symtoms for awhile now, but like so many others have been afraid to admit it to myself here goes .I have a lump that appears and dissappears at ramdom, by that I mean ,if I examine myself and I'm relaxed I don't feel any abnormalities but if I stretch a certain way or strain in a certain position a lump appears on the top of my right testicle ,its a little hard to explain but needless to say it does come and go all the time. I do feel pain every now and then a dull ache most of the time but sometimes a sharp pain ,I havn't noticed any discoloration of any type.Anyway its got me a bit freaked so hopefully I can get some advice before I go to the doctor ...thanks in advance

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    Hi ynot,
    I cant say anything about your condition of course, but it sounds a bit similar to my case. I felt a lump...or a pea sized hardening at the top of the left testicle. Sometimes it was easy to find it. The doctor did not find it but I insisted on an ultra sound. The lump that I had felt was nothing serious. It was something that happened to the bi-testicle sometimes and was fairly common (cant remember the name for it). They dont treat it unless it grows too much. By routine they always scan both testicles and in my case they found something suspicious on the other testicle instead!

    So even if the doctor says it's nothing to worry about I would recommend you to insist on an ultra scan.