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I am worried about husband

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  • I am worried about husband

    My husband has had a series of events/symptoms that have caused concern. He has been to numerous doctors, but none seem to be too concerned.

    1. He has had lower back pain for 3 years. An MRI shows one disc is bulging.

    2. His prostate was very enlarged, and he took medicine which brought his PSA level back in the normal range. His prostate still doesn't feel normal.

    3. His testicals "feel numb/dead" (his words) and sometimes ache.

    He thought the testical issue was related to the back pain--maybe radiating around to the groin area, causing numbness. Is that possible?

    We have been trying to get pregnant for several years, to no avail--after having a healthy child six years ago.

    I am like everyone else in this section, just wanting to know if the "numb/dead" testicals is enough reason to have some sort of cancer test. It seems like he has a lot of issues going on, and I don't want to jump to the conclusion that it is cancer. (He has already jumped there but hasn't done anything to remedy it.)

    Thanks to anyone who has some advice to offer.

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    I would recommend making an appointment with a Urologist asap & getting an ultrasound. My husband had a swollen testical with noother symptoms and I sent him to the emergency room and that night was diagnoised with Testicular Cancer. I hope thi sis not the case for you, but please have him see a doctor asap. Best of luck to you!


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      I agree with Tim's wife- get him checked by a urologist. Who is treating his prostate? Also, who ordered the MRI?
      Tell these doctors what you are thinking.
      Good luck.
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      Please see a physician for medical advice!

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        I would get him into too a urologist ASAP. Have them run the test. My husbands testie swollen and did have discomfort in it. As for the prostrate who is treating that? For the Fertility issues I would go to your OB/GYN and ask to be referred to a RE. I always blamed on our fertility problems on my husband since he only had 1 testie and did chemo and had cancer come to find out all the fertility problems lied iwth myself.



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          Thank you so much--maybe an alternative doc?

          Thanks so much for replying. He has seen two urologists, actually. The first one found that his prostate was swollen to twice the normal size and blamed it on acute prostatitis. He put him on medication. In the meantime (while taking meds), I made an appointment with a dr who was recommended by a friend. I just felt like he received a cookie cutter diagnosis from the first urologist. Come to find out, the second urologist just checked his psa and said it was fine, dismissed the whole thing.

          The MRI was from a back doctor. My husband has seen two of them, in fact he has gone through extensive therapy and even had the spinal injection that's suppposed to help with pain (it didn't).

          Since I can't feel his pain, I just have to go on what he's saying, and he says, "It just doesn't feel normal. It feels dead." Sometimes it just makes him extremely uncomfortable. I wish I could find a doctor who is willing to take all the pieces of the puzzle (infertility, discomfort, lower back pain, and groin numbness) and figure it out instead of going to a doctor to help with only a specialized area and specific symptom. Does anyone know of an alternative doctor who might approach this from more of a systemic view?

          Oh, and yes, I have been thoroughly checked by an infertility specialist. I have a clean bill of health, and they can't understand why I haven't been able to conceive a second time. My husband went only so far as to have his sperm count done, and that was adequate.

          Any ideas on a doctor would be much, much appreciated. We are in the Fort Worth, TX area. Thank you, Thank you!