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    the other day i fealt a pain in my left testicle and left groin area, so worried i went to the doctors yestaday, after a look (one or to prods, hardly exstansive, he mention Orchitis, so i gave a urine sample, got some medication he prescribed and went home and now have to wait 3 to 9 days (from this moment) till results for Orthititis, but, on the top of my left testicle, there is what appears to be a growth, its is about as long as a centiniturs, it feels attacjed to the testicle, but it fels like my fingers can get inder the edges, so thats tha, BUT as prodding around on the left testicle, i have notices a smaller, harder lump, smaller than a pea and it is still near the top but seprate from the other lump, whats going on?, any advice?

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    Hi azzeruk,

    I'm no doctor ok? But it doesn't really sound like TC. You say you have to wait for test results? Did the doc take some blood tests or some other test to determine if you have orchitis?

    It sounds like you found your epididymus and the other lump could be a cyst or something - neither are too much to worry about just yet.

    I would recommend that you take the meds given you, wait for your results and if they come back negative or the pain continues, go back to the doctor and ask if you can either get an ultrasound to rule out TC (good for your piece of mind) or perhaps a referral to a urologist for a more in depth checkup. This is mainly due to a lot of GPs won't have seen TC before and may not know what to look for. Better safe than sorry.

    Most of all, don't panic - TC is rare and there are a few other causes of your symptoms. Just take ownership of your own treatment and chase things up yourself.. you'll feel better for it. Now that you are more aware of the structures down there, you will be better armed for future self exams.