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Just got back from 2nd visit to doctors

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  • Just got back from 2nd visit to doctors

    Basically I found a lump 2 weeks ago and went to the doctors. He couldn't feel it but I could. Its about 4mm. But he sent me in for an Ultra Sound and they couldn't find anything. The thing is my left testicle moves around a lot so maybe she could've missed it?

    Well Yesterday it had grown to about 7mm I estimate. I went to the dr again and he felt it and said it hasn't grown much and should wait a while and come see him again in a month or two. Is this right? I'm worried. Also I told him I've been having stomach cramps in my left side upper near my ribs and some minor back pain and all he said was to eat more fiber and take advil. The thing is I've also been stressing like a maniac since I've discovered the lump a month ago. Havn't slept well since.

    I was thinking about going to a urologist to check it out but the closest one is at a hospital. Do you think my insurance will over it if my dr does not refer me? I checked the pacificare website and it referred me to it. Thanks any advice would help.

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    If you're unsure about what the doctor said go to the emergency room and complain of pain. They will certainly give you another ultrasound and it should be covered by insurance since it's an emergency room visit. If this ultra sound show nothing have them explain to you exactly what it is you are feeling.
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