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i dont know what to really scared

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  • i dont know what to really scared

    ok here i i really dont know how to start this but im 32 will be 33 on march 20th..i notice a lump in or on my right tes when i was like 19 or 20...i told my parents and they told me to drop my pants so they could check me out...they both check me out and said it might be i didnt worry about it...then like when i was 23 my mother ask me did i still have the lump and did it get bigger..i told her its still there but it didnt get any she still told me i better go get it looked and but i didnt...when i was 27 or 28, i had to go get a check up for this job...the doctor gave me a check up and he never felt my i told him i had a lump on my right tes...he said he check my balls now...he couldnt feel the lump so i told him to let me show him where it was hard for me to find it myself but i did find he started to feel my right ball, then he ask me how long did i have the lump..i said since i was like 19 or 20..he said did it get any bigger since i was 19 and do it hurt, i told him no the lump didnt get any bigger, and it do not im 32 years old ill will be 33 very 4 days ago i notice that i have a few lumps on the inside of my leg deep by my groin ...they are not othe side of my penis but they are like crease by my i started to do research on tesicular cancer..i been doing research for almost 3 to 4 days now...and all that i im learing is makeing me very scared..right now i dont know what to affraid to go a doctor... i really dont know what to do at this up all night doing research and going to bed at 11 in the morning since i been doing all this research..i do want to go to a doctor to see if i have testicular cancer, but when i start to think what if i have this..did i wait to long....what if the cancer spread through my body, is it to let for me...should i just say forget it and let it be....i just dont know what to do right now...i know guys shouldnt cry but right now as im writting all this i am crying...i dont know if i should tell my family , what im going through..i just dont want to bother them.. should i talk to someone , i havent even told my girlfriend...she keeps asking me whats wrong..i just say there's nothing wrong.

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    First it is never too late to see the doctor Just go in and tell them your concerns the doc will check things out and let you know if it is something to worry about. Just go in you will feel a lot better.
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      What did the Doctor think it was ???
      If it's causing you this much worry you should make an appointment ASAP. Any change in Lumps or bumps on the Testicle or any other part of the body need checking out. It's better to be safe than sorry so it's down to you to make the first move if only to put your mind at rest.Please tell your family, you might think it's easy for me to say but my son never told me about a lump he had for months and had a very rough time.
      think positive

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