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Hi, couple problems

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  • Hi, couple problems

    Hi i checked the doctor a week ago and he did and exam for me he said there is nothing to worry about everything is normal except for the cyst i asked him about my testicle enlarged he said its normal. can a doctor tell for sure just like that i dont have testicular cancer? what are the odds hes wrong?

    i read some of the forums of helpme2. i seem to be in the same situation. i am 16 and one testicle seems larger than the other. but i think this has been like this all the time not sure because i havent been checking my testicles when i was younger.

    also i have a cyst and i do unfortunatly masterbait alot. i have been recently having a dull pain on the top where the pubic hairs are on ur privates. i read that it could be an enlargement of something.

    please reply it would make me feel better =)