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    Hi-, I have felt differences between my left and right testicles for about two years now. I have had two phyiscals, the doctor never said anything, as well as two other precotinary visits, where i expressed i thought I had TC, but both times they said I was fine. My left testicle is harder and smaller, my right one is softer, slightly larger, but has one noticable difference, there is a rough (hard area) that is under what i belive is the epididmis. It covers about 3/4's of the back of the testicle, and part of the side Are the doctors correct or do i have a problem and should i see a urologist, i appreciate the replies

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    You could ask the doctor why he thinks it isn't a problem, and what it could be. Some doctors don't have the best "bedside manner" and it's not unreasonable to ask for some details about his diagnosis. Remember the doc is being paid well for his time, so you best get the most out of your visit.

    Check some of the questions here :

    # How can you be sure that this is not cancer?

    # Shouldn't you do some kind of tests, just to verify your diagnosis or to make sure that it isn't cancer?


    My own personal question would be "have you ever diagnosed a case of TC?" (many GP's haven't ever seen it before)

    If the answers are still not to your satisfaction, well it's your body and you are ultimately responsible for your own health so ask for an ultrasound or arrange to see a urologist. Don't stress though - TC is pretty rare and there are a number of conditions which cause this kind of symptom.