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    Why do I always hear/read to check for tumors on the side or front. Do tumors not show up on the back, top, or bottom?

    Can one month a person not feel a lump and then the next an obvious lump be there? I haven't ever heard/read how fast a tumor generally grows.

    I can feel on one of my testicles what I would describe as a piece of thread. Is that likely a blood vessel on the testicle?

    I would appreciate answers to any of the three questions.

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    hi,, check the whole area of the testicle. front-back-bottom-top-behind

    most tumours are found on the side but they might not start there, the reason most are found on the sidebecause the weight fot he tumour brings the testiclein most cases to sit in a certain position.

    speed of growth.. depends on the type of cancer.. i may be wrong but i read somewhere that teratoma (non-seminoma in usa) grows faster than a pure seminoma (am i right everyone?) my tumor which was mixed grew 3 times the testicle size in 4 weeks.

    i cant coment on your feelings in your testicle.. adoctor might be able to put your mind at ease...
    remission from july 2003
    artrail fibulation x2
    stage2 teratoma mixed seminona
    HRT testogel ongoing uk testicular cancer