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    Hi i came on here about a month ago, now i went to the doctors and he organised a scan (i had slight pain and discomfort) but as some people in UK may know the NHS isn't the best run establishment, my referral letters appear to have been lost so im scheduled for another one a month on!!

    Now since then the pain went away for 2 days and i refereed a football match with loose boxers on, i felt after the match the pain again, now i was just wandering if this could be some form of strain, but also recently i noticed a lump of some sort, which i dont know if i noticed before and thought nothing of it, i have felt it and it appears to be attached to some form of tube, yet it it's directly where the epidermis meets the testicle probably a quater the way down along the top.

    Any suggestions or reassurance? if it was tc would it have no (seemingly) tube attached?

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    If the lump is attached to the tube it isn't testicular cancer so you can relax a bit. You should still be checked by a doctor because any pain or lumps should be checked by a professional.
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