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  • Worried.

    Might aswell start of. Im 15 years old and extremely worried. A couple of weeks ago a group of people came to our school to give us some information about Testicular Cancer and I thought nothing of it. I got home and checked just incase, This is when i felt a small lump on the side of my right testicle. I have been researching on the computer and I have none of the other symptoms. (Such as lower abdominal pains ect) This got me thinking that I should post on here to people who have expeirience in the matter before talking to a doctor to get it checked out. I mean it could just be an irregular lump.

    Post back soon please.

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    Hi, just a bit of advice you must be worried about this small lump otherwise you would not be posting here, any lump must be checked out ASAP. So tell one of your parents and arrange an appointment to see a DOC. The people on this site will tell you that they are not doctors. The sooner you get checked out the better any lump needs investigating. you have made the first step and checked yourself now the second step is to tell someone.
    keep us posted
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      You have capitalized ON and i have checked again, I can feel a slight space between the pea sized lump and the testicle and they are not attached. It is more of a mushy feeling as if..clumps of veins pushed together. So could this just be an irregular lump like a cyst?


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        It sounds like you have a cyst on the epididymis which isn't really dangerous but should still be looked at by a urologist. Testicular cancer would be a hard lump that feels like it's part of the testicle.
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