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  • shrinking testi

    my left testicle se sems to have gotten to like half the size of the right or 3/4 of the size wud be more correct is this normal?

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    Thanks for the reply, but i have actualy been worried about tc for about ayear, i had a ultrasound and it was clear, but im worried because i have like veins which sounds like varicole and now my testicles is getting smaller it feels, this could be paranoia, im just feeling to crap to tell my mam to book me appointment, is a shirking testicle any type of inparticular problem?


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      If the ultrasound was clear you shouldn't worry about tc but you deserve an answer as to why it's shrinking. Keep pusing for an answer because that's not normal. It may be that a cyst or something is cutting off the blood supply.
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        I had varicocele and it caused progressive testicular atrophy for me over a period of a few months. For me this caused all manner of problems, but it dosen't for others usually. It does cause fertility problems if atrophy is involved usually. However if your other testicle is good and normal sized you shouldn't have any problems.

        Request an ultrasound and find out how many veins are involved and how bad the varicocele is. I might be worth getting it fixed to prevent further damage.


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          you see ive had a utrascound already, but i wasnt aware of this problem it was there but i wasnt bothered about it, they just rolledto scanner over my testicle and they didnt even say anything about these veins, so i thought nothing was wrong but since they start to ache alot now im worried.
          i dont no why they diudnt say what it was.