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  • Question about ultrasound

    Okay, so i found a lump on my right testicle. It is ON the testicle, and doesnt move. When i noticed the lump, i went straight to the doctor, who also felt the lump and got me an appointment for an ultrasound check.

    The doctor didnt however find ANYTHING out of the ordinary on the ultrasound check and said i might have had it allways and just haven't noticed it earlier.

    I only got the lump on one of my testicles, not both, which leads me to belive its nothing "normal". Its probably nothing, but i was confused when they didnt notice anything on the ultrasound check, as im 100% sure theres a lump there.

    So i guess the question is: Should i go to another doctor? Or are the ultrasounds allways accurate and theres nothing to worry about? I've also recently started to get pain on the same testicle, nothing to bad, just slight discomfort.

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    Are you able to get a hold of the ultrasound report? The radiologist reading your U/S should have noted the normalcy (or lack thereof) of the lump. Chances are your doc may be right, but I would be more convinced if I saw the actual radiology report noting that it is not worthy of note.
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      I agree with Fed, you should try to get a copy of the report.
      You never metioned if your doctor is a urologist, or just your primary... I think you should see a urologist- only because it is their specialty. Also, did you have blood drawn?
      The pain your feeling is likely from all of your self exams- try to leave it alone and get in to see a urologist.
      Good luck
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        I'll try to get my hands on the report.

        Oh yeah forgot to mention that the doctor was in fact a urologist. They didnt draw any blood but they took an urine sample (this was before the ultrasound check) which apparently didnt show anything wrong either.

        Lastly, yeah I guessed that the pain might come from the selfexams, I'll try to leave it alone and see if it gets better after awhile.

        Thanks for the fast replies.