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Left testical slightly bigger and harder

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  • Left testical slightly bigger and harder


    Lask week I noticed some pain and discomfort in my left testical. I also had groin pain, and the testical was hard. But now, 3 days on, the testical seems normal (dont get me wrong, its still a little large and hard, but it is has always been this way) the pain in my groin is totally gone, and I have no more pain in my left testical......

    ...Just wondering if anyone knows what this might be???


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    No need for the sarcasm buddy, I just wanted to ask everyone's opinion on here.


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      Have you been hit there lately? Any burning when you urinate? Any chance of an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)? I wouldn't be overly worried but check yourself more often then the standard once a month. If you should have an issue again contact a urologist for an exam. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.
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        I dont think I have been hit there lately. But, I have noticed that if I have alot to drink, and then masterbate, there is burning. But otherwise no. I actually think I know what is wrong. Recently I lost a bit of weight... and my left testical has always hanged slithgly lower than my right (which, from what all the websites say, is normal) so it probably just feels a bit obscure because it is not crushed against my thigh.

        And btw Rob, I know that my left testical has been bigger naturally because about a year ago I was having frequent blood tests, surley a tumour marker would show up there.

        Could it be that I have put pressure on it (my testical) during my sleep? Could that explain the recent discomfort?

        Thanks for the help everyone, you can never be too safe


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          Good News

          I went to a uroligist and he confirmed that I don't have testicular cancer.

          I do feel sorry for everyone here who has to go through with this..... you guys have my support if you need it!!!