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  • odd bump?

    Ive got a bump on my testicle, its not shaped like a pea its shaped more like a grain of rice or a veign or something like a testicular ridge but a little harder then I would imagin a veign?

    Sorta like a testicular ridge, I got an ache in my testicles which im still not even sure what it was to this day about 3 months ago, we did an ultrasound and they found a couple of cysts but I never checked my testicles for bumps prior to this.

    But a couple nights ago I was checking and I found this ridge like bump its not very big, I dont beleive its the epydemititus because the epydemititus is VERY soft and only on 1 side, I have been tapping my testicle repeatedly to see if there was still pain in the testicle I beleive I may have caused a veign ON the testicle to swell up is this possible?

    Ive had lower back pain as well but it was on both sides and I beleive that is more mechanical issue related to my hips being wacked out then the testicle issue.

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    Don't be too rough with the self exams. You wouldn't be the first who hurt a testicle by to much examination. I would call the urologist and mention the rice grain but don't worry about it. If you had an ultrasound 3 months ago my guess is you're ok today but don't risk it.
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